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Monica AN24

Improved Fetal/Maternal Monitoring

The Monica AN24 is a small leadless device that accurately monitors FHR, MHR, UC using 5 abdominal ECG electrodes. It provides an in-room wireless ambulatory monitoring solution, offering real advantages over conventional ULT/TOCO monitoring:

Seamlessly connects to your installed fetal monitor*, PC or other Bluetooth enabled device

- Solution for monitoring obese women

Professor W Cohen
Prof W Cohen, University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson USA
"We found the Monica AN24 performed excellently in very obese women (BMI >35) when compared with available Doppler ULT/TOCO techniques"

- Improved patient comfort & satisfaction

Professor W Cohen
Dr J Reinhard, St. Marienkrankenhaus Frankfurt, Germany
"I have been evaluating the AN24 for many years and my hospital is now using it as the primary monitoring method, the women benefited greatly from the increased comfort and mobility."

- Accurate ECG based monitoring

- Connects directly to your Fetal Monitor*


With High BMI patients traditional ultrasound/TOCO based monitors can be difficult to use. The Monica AN24 offers a solution that requires no belt/transducer adjustment without any loss in performance in high and very high BMI women. The Monica AN24 is available:

  • In Europe (CE), the US (FDA cleared as solution for maternal-fetal monitoring during labour & delivery) and BRIC countries (ANVISA, GOSSTAR, SFDA)

  • As part of a homecare/mhealth solution

  • For research

* Requires the Monica IF24 CTG Interface Device. This allows the Monica AN24 to work with your installed fetal/maternal monitor (must have FSE option), making the benefits above simply and seamlessly available to you.

Introducing the Monica AN24

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