More about Midwives

02 May 2017

More about Midwives

More about Midwives

On 5th May this year we are given the opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of midwives worldwide, by celebrating International Day of the Midwife. This day encourages us to focus on the work that midwives do, to bring new life into the world. In addition to this, we consider the progress that has been made in improving maternal and neonatal care and midwifery services.

This year the message from the ICM (International Confederation of Midwives) is ‘Midwives, Mothers and Families: Partners for Life!’ Recognising how important this relationship is, here are some interesting facts:

  • Extending access to midwives to all pregnant women would save millions of lives each year. If all women gave birth with a midwife in a facility capable of providing basic emergency care, it is estimated that 56% of maternal, fetal and newborn deaths could be prevented. (1)
  • Women, newborns and families of the world need midwives now and in the future. Every year, approximately 287,000 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.(2)
  • Globally 2.7 million babies die every year in their first month of life and a similar number are stillborn. Most of these deaths could be prevented by forging strong partnerships with midwives.(3)

Midwives and Monica

At Monica Healthcare we work very closely with midwives to support them in their work. During labour, midwives use our unique wireless fetal monitoring system to help them accurately monitor mother and baby. 

Karnie Bhogal, Clinical Specialist Midwife at Monica Healthcare recently visited Vittore Buzzi Children’s Hospital in Milan, Italy to support midwives, Marco and Eleanora (pictured above) in their use of the Novii Patch System

On International Day of the Midwife we will be hosting a coffee morning at Monica Healthcare to recognise the work they do, discuss our midwifery care experiences and the key role they play in preventing maternal and newborn mortality.

On 5th May, celebrate the best partnership between midwives, women & families #IDM2017.


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Midwives; Marco and Eleanora at Vittore Buzzi Children’s Hospital in Milan, Italy

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