Monica AN24 with VS program

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Monica AN24 with VS program

Monica AN24 with VS program

A ‘stand-alone’ fetal monitoring solution

The small, wearable Monica AN24, is central to Monica's innovative labour and delivery monitoring  solutions. When the Monica AN24 is used with the Monica VS software program, it allows the Monica AN24 FHR, MHR and UA monitoring data to be viewed in real time on the computer screen. It will run on most computers, notebooks and tablets running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.

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t: +44 (0)115 949 6960 


Provides a stand-alone in-room ambulatory monitoring solution for:

  • monitoring obese women

  • improving patient comfort & satisfaction

  • accurate ECG based monitoring

  • a single set-up solution with no transducer/belt adjustment

Connects via Bluetooth to a PC or notebook running the Monica VS program


  • Communicate with the Monica AN24 In real-time (via Bluetooth®) or retrospectively upload stored data via USB.

  • View and print reports. 

    • Both real-time and stored traces and with the network viewer, any PC on the hospital network can view real time monitoring traces

  • Real time analysis of the FHR

    • Supports clinical interpretation, based on and validated against the FHR analysis originally developed by Professor Dawes and Redman with printed reports

  • Store traces locally or on any networked PC or Server

    • Stored traces can be exported digitally in CSV format for reserach

  • Collect or feed data to third party monitoring systems e.g. central station

Additional benefits include: 

  • On-screen help and support

  • Auto catch-up when patient goes out of wireless range

  • Simultaneous monitors from up to 4 Monica AN24 devices


The AN24 uses standard Ambu Blue R and Ambu Blue VLC ECG electrodes (approved by Monica) placed on the abdomen to monitor the fetal ECG, maternal ECG and uterine EMG ; a powerful internal processor extracts in real time the FHR, MHR and UA waveform validated against fetal scalp electrode, SpO2 and IUPC.  The FHR, MHR and UA trace is then sent via a low power Bluetooth connection (100m line of site) to Bluetooth enabled PC/Notebook running the Monica VS program. Bluetooth functionality must be provided via Microsoft Bluetooth stack. If this is not available on the PC/Notebook, an external USB Bluetooth dongle should be purchased e.g. Ezurio Bluetooth Dongle

The Monica AN24 and IF24 has CE approval (from 20 weeks through to delivery), FDA clearance (Intrapartum term maternal/fetal monitoring) and the Monica AN24 is approved for use in the BRIC countries (ANVISA, GOSSTAR, SFDA)

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For additional information please call or email:
t: +44 (0)115 949 6960 

* Currently available for Corometrics 259cx Series Maternal/Fetal Monitor 

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