Novii Wireless Patch System

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Novii Wireless Patch System

Novii Wireless Patch System

A 'peel & stick' ambulatory accessory for your fetal monitor

The Monica Novii monitors fetal heart rate (FHR), maternal heart rate (MHR) and uterine activity (UA), all with a single 'peel and stick' patch. It is an effective solution for monitoring high BMI patients (Ref 1, 2) and minimizes the risk of maternal/fetal heart rate confusion (Ref 3, 4). In addition, the cable free system requires no re-positioning (Ref 4, 5) and keeps the work environment clear and safe, allowing for easier monitoring during some clinical procedures.

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*View Training videos - useful advice and information for new/existing users of the Novii System.

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* Currently available for Corometrics 259cx Series Maternal/Fetal Monitor 

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A 'peel & stick'  in-room ambulatory fetal monitoring solution:

  • for monitoring women in a L&D setting

  • a single use Patch replaces the 5 individual electrodes of the Monica AN24 simplifying set-up

  • a small POD magnetically clips to the Patch.  It cannot be incorrectly placed and automatically pairs to the Novii Interface

  • enhanced monitoring of the uterine EMG to improve tracing pre induction and in early labour

  • can be used in the shower

  • a single set-up solution with no transducer/belt adjustment

  • accurate ECG based fetal monitoring

Simple connection options for existing fetal monitors.


  • high BMI monitoring
  • minimal training and simple electrode placement and operation
  • enhance performance with new UA extraction for pre and early labour
  • no belts or leads
  • patient-friendly and convenient
  • with High BMI patients, traditional ultrasound/TOCO based monitors can be difficult to use. The Monica Novii offers a solution that does not require belt or transducer adjustment with minimal performance loss in high BMI women
  • the Monica Novii monitors the maternal and fetal ECG shape to confidently separate the fetal heart rate from the maternal heart rate, even when fetal and maternal heart rates are similar.
  • in room ambulation without transducer repositioning
  • Monica is a single set up device at the start of monitoring, which requires minimal adjustment or repositioning no matter what the fetus or patient does during monitoring
  • midwives and L&D nurses spend less time adjusting the equipment
  • no belts (meaning no pressure or belt irritation)
  • freedom for natural birthing positions
  • increase space around the bed for clinicians and birthing partners
  • enhances the birthing experience
  • no adjustment, allowing women to sleep, change position and mobilise


The Monica Novii Wireless Patch System (“Novii”) provides the opportunity to enhance your current Labour and Delivery monitoring experience. It connects with your maternal/fetal monitor and the data flows seamlessly to your existing surveillance and archival system. Novii has three constituent parts, the Novii Patch, Novii Pod, and Novii Interface.
The Novii Patch is a single-use, peel-and-stick disposable part, which attaches to the woman’s abdomen using comfortable biocompatible adhesives. The patch incorporates ECG electrode areas which pick up ECG and EMG signals from the skin surface and then transfers them to the Novii Pod.
The Novii Pod is a reusable part which magnetically connects to the Novii Patch to pick up the fetal and maternal ECG and EMG signals and then filters, digitises and processes them in real time to extract the FHR, MHR & UA data. The pod transmits this data via Bluetooth to the Novii Interface.

The Novii Interface is a reusable part that translates Bluetooth data transmitted by the Novii Pod into signals of the correct format to input to your fetal monitor with simple Fetal Monitor connection options (must have FSE option). The Novii Interface also has a touch screen and has two bays incorporated into its base for charging and pairing of the Novii Pods.

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