Novii Training Videos

Nine short training videos to help you use Novii with your fetal monitor

You can find more training and support material by registering for a Monica account (Login and Support tab at the top right of page) and visiting Novii Support.  This includes 'Point of Care' help guides, in service training materials, User Manual and a self test, which will help you get the best from your Novii fetal monitor.

Cleaning, Session 10 - 1.0 minView

Displaced Umbilicus, Session 7 - 2.0 minView

Ending Monitoring, Session 9 - 1.67 minView

Full Training Video - 18.5 minView

Monica Trace Identifiers and When Monitoring Starts, Session 5 - 1.5 minView

Preparing to Start Monitoring, Session 3 - 4.5 minView

Setting up the Novii Wireless Patch System and Testing, Session 2 - 3.25 minView

The Monitoring Screen, Session 6 - 3.5 minView

Troubleshooting FHR Gaps, Session 8 - 2.0 minView

What to Do When The Skin Prep Fails, Session 4 - 2.17 minView